Mini Humidifier
Mini Humidifier
Mini Humidifier
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Mini Humidifier

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We are a sucker for cute tools! If you live in a dry area or humidity is just an issue, a humidifier is the best way to add more water vapor to your air. Depending on your glue's recommended humidity, usually the higher the humidity, the faster the glue will cure.  

Water capacity: 780 mL
Full Charge duration: 4 hours

Our Mini Humidifier has 2 mist modes for your different humidifying needs. It can last for 12 hours with the continuous spray mode when used with USB, and 24 hours with the intermittent spray mode. Because its wireless and portable, you can can place it on your cart and closer to the glue if necessary. The 2000mAh large capacity battery can last for 12 hours with single fully charge. This humidifier will automatically power-off when the water is lower than the safe water level and can also be used as night light with 2 level brightness adjustablity.

Our Cactus humidifier is compact and portable. You can place it on your cart and closer to the glue if necessary. Rechargeable via USB! Make sure there's enough water, do not fill past maximum capacity. Do not add essential oils.

How to use: Upon first use, remove filter stick from catheter and soak in water. Charge the humidifier. Return stick to catheter. Fill with tap water. Short press the button to turn on continuous spray mode, short press the button again to switch to intermittent spray mode, and the third time short press the button, the humidifier turned off.

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