Build Your Own Training Kits

Build Your Own Training Kits

As a part of The Lash Co Trainer Program, you can fully customize your own training kits with our products and receive 30% off retail pricing! To start, make sure you choose AT LEAST
(4) lash trays
(2) tweezers
(1) glue
and add either a Starter Student Kit or a Pro Student Kit (see contents below)
The total will update with a 30% discount. You can add more trays and tweezers and the 30% off will still apply.
All kits will come in a TLC box.

Starter Student Kit includes:

- promade fan tray
- tweezer cleaner
- Glue Be Gone cream remover
- mannequin block
- marble tile with jadestone and paper tape
- gel tape (color chosen at random)
- 50 lash wands (color chosen at random)
- 50 lip wand applicators
- lint free wipes (chosen at random)
- 50 hydrogel eyepads
- 50 glue rings

Pro Student kit includes everything in the Starter kit +

- Stripped Primer
- 007 Super Bonder
- rinse bottle (color chosen at random)
- large lash mirror (color chosen at random)
- hygrometer
- usb fan (color chosen at random)
- ring light
- mapping pen
- 50 microfiber applicators

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