Lash Foam Cleanser Kits
Lash Foam Cleanser Kits
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Lash Foam Cleanser Kits

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Washing your lashes made easy!

This kit includes:

  • 50 ml foam pump bottle of lash cleanser made with Prolong Lash™
  • Lash Wash Brush
  • Lash Wand/Spoolie
  • Video on how to properly wash your lashes!

Our lash foam cleanser kits include all the tools you need for an easy lash bath and squeaky clean lashes! Cleaning your clients lashes daily promotes proper after care and extends the life of your lash extensions. Our cleanser is made with Prolong Lash™ and will ensure all the oils and make up left on the lashes will be removed. 

Also available in Bulk of 10.

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